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Sept 16 - The String Theory: Stripes

I've been remiss in actually working on any challenges lately but this one was perfect. You see I was working in my journal just playing with line tangles when the Diva posted a new challenge. 
I Am the Diva came up with challenge #235.
Well I was ready and can now show you what I've done. 

(As a side note: due to a lot of artwork being 'stolen' on the internet and resold by companies without anything going to the artist or even the artists permission, watermarks are now being placed on all pieces.)
String Theory: Stripes

It's a String Thing #86

I took the challenge from Tickled To Tangle last week. Every Tuesday afternoon Adele puts out a new challenge with a string and the tangles we need to use. 
The egg shaped string was interesting to say the least. I didn't want to do the obvious so here is what I came up with. 

String Thing #86. Tangles used are Well, Coaster and CO2.
Tangle links are: Well by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas; Coaster by Carole Ohl, CZT; and
CO2 by Antonine Megger

April 2 - 2 Challenges met

I did another challenge from I Am the Diva. This time I was able to use one of my mac-n-cheese tangles, Flux. I love the graceful lines and how this flows. Adding the black background really makes it pop. And the little Dive Dance Rock N Roll surrounded by an embellished flux give it a delicateness I like. 

The Bright Owl Zendala Dare 100 was fun, too. I used a lot of small tangles and even added some wee little faces wondering where the heck they are! The remind me of puppies with clown faces. What do you think?

Feb 23 - Year of the Sheep

I did the challenge from I Am the Diva. Since 2015 is the year of the Sheep, I took a picture of the sheet, transferred it to a tile in color and tangled on it. Here is my entry.
Year of the Sheep

Feb 18 - WOW!
I guess it's been a few weeks since I blogged anything. Hope you didn't miss me too much.
Each Wednesday Marie, Isabelle and I get together at a local coffee shop to tangle. We were meeting at Coffee Waves, however decided to change to Cafe Calypso at Half Price Books since the lighting is much better for us. And each week we work on a challenge. This week we worked on challenge #80 from Tickled To Tangle.  The two tangles were Kozy by Marieke van Nimwegen and Inaura by CZT Bunny Wright.
Since both tangles were new to me I had a great time playing with the arrangement and this is what I came out with.

So til next challenge I will wish you each a wonderful day!

Tuesday, Jan 27
I Am the Diva
Today's challenge brings me back to I am the Diva Challenge #202.
Two tangles, Chebucto and Copada were used in any way we fashioned.
As I sat and listened to a book on the computer I came up with this.And let's all hear it for the Bronx Cheer!

A little bit of color and shading gave it a different spin.

Thursday, Jan 22
I Am the Diva
Today my challenge comes from I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge #201: "Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day 2015" 

Laura's son, Artoo, has Moebius Syndrome. The odds of having a child with Moebius is 1-2:1,000,000. 

My tangle today is to help make you aware of this illness. Their color is purple.

Symbol for Moebius Syndrome Awareness, Purple is their color.

Wednesday, Jan 21

Artful Creations
Cheryl of Artful Creations Tackle It Tuesday gave us the challenge of creating a tile using tangles that start with the letters J, A and N.
I chose Jetties, Aquafleur, and my old favorite 'Nzeppel.

Jetties, Aquafleur and 'Nzeppel

Tickled to Tangle
Adele Bruno's "It's a String Thing" challenge #76 was loads of fun. 
This challenge involved String #84 and the tangles Trumpits, Oolo, and Fjord.

String Challenge #76

That's New to Me Challenge
My entry for Suzy Mosh Challenge That's New to Me
I had this string that I have been putting my eyeballs on and thought I would use it. 
I used Vortex and Vache 2 as my tangles. Strictly black and white today. 

Vortex and Vache 2 inside Tangle string

Thursday, Jan 15
Can you believe how fast this month is tangling by us!

This tangle is my contribution to Tickled To Tangle' It's A String Thing #75

We were given a sting pattern to be filled with Bales, Echoism, Ennies, and Poke Leaf  and/or Poke Root.

It's a String Thing #75
Looks like I need to see what's going on with my scanner. It seems to put an antique look to my scans. But I like it. 

My second challenge is from Artful Creations Tackle It Tuesday

Cheryl had us use tangles that start with the letters C-A-R-S. 
I used Cayke, Afterglow, Rain and Sundoo in my Zentangle.

Tackle It Tuesday Entry


Monday Jan 12
 - That's New To Me Challenge
 Suzy Mosh has a challenge on her blog called "That's new to me"

And I love to try new things. I had to find a tangle that I hadn't done before. The tangle has to start with the letter C. There were several options but the one that really jumped out at me was Croscro by Hsin-Ya Hsu.

New to me
I tried it a couple of times on a Bijou size tile then incorporated that into my regular size tile.


 - I am the Diva Challenge
This morning I am the Diva celebrates her 200 challenge. In honor of this great event our challenge was to use our go to tangle and cover the entire tile. We also had to include 200 somewhere in the tangle.
This is what I came up with. 
Congratulations Laura!
W-2 embellished with Hi-C's and of course 200 to celebrate!

Jan 9 - early morning

Todays challenge is from Cheryl at Artful Creations.
We were given the letters N E W and had to use a tangle that started with each of these letters.

The tangles I chose are
N - N'zepple
E - Eyelet & Ribbon
W - W-2

I really enjoyed this challenge and these 3 tangles are among my top favorites to play with. 

W-2 is embellished with Eyelet & ribbon and tucks itself into N'Zepple
 I'm off to pack for a Itty Bitty Retreat with my miniature buddettes this weekend. You will need to visit my other blog to see what we are working on. Hint: It is built in quarter inch scale and the words cottage and beach are involved! 

Tangle on friends!

Jan 8 - afternoon
So far I am keeping up with the Whimsey By Kelly daily challenge and posting somewhere on the internet. That's probably how you ended up on this page. Thank you.

Dragonaire flies away!

I really like dragonaire and playing with the curvy lines. This one reminds me of butterflies. Other tangles are purely to fill the white space. I might add just a splash of colour to this later. Maybe.

These posts seem backward to me. Oh well. At least they are posted!
Back to the tea-party...

Jan 8 - early morning

Challenges are a good way to push out of your comfort zone. It is similar to going to school and the teacher gives out assignments that are full of new processes and force you to use your mind. Only Zentangle challenges and dares are a lot more fun. As Sandy Bartholomew says it's Yoga For The Brain: A Zentangle Workout

One of my challenges was That's New To Me.The assignment is to use a tangle starting with the letter T. And the tangle should be something that you haven't done before.

Since my name starts with T and there isn't a tangle called Terri (yet) I found one called Trimonds.

I liked the basic tangle which is black, white and gray. The white space jumped out at me and said "PARADOX! Fill me with Paradox!" So I did.

Trimonds with a little Paradox thrown in for good measure.

I want to play around with Trimonds some more. While admiring my work, yes that is very important, I had a couple of ideas to try.

So I'm off the the studio, well, I'm actually already in the studio since that is where I do my posting. I will spend some time with this tangle and I hope you will, too.

Now get off the computer and go create something!



  1. Great drawing! Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  2. I'm always up for a good challenge! Thanks for offering!

  3. Like your tiles. My computer stays on while I create. It's my TV, my radio/record player, my home theatre, etc. :)

  4. Those are all wonderful! I like the challenges because I try new patterns or am often "forced" to work on those that aren't my favorites!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Anne. Red is one of my favorite colors and just a splash makes things pop

  6. these are terrific. You sure are taking on a lot of challenges! I especially like the NEW tile. N'zeppel is a very cool pattern, and you chose wonderful patterns to combine it with.

  7. Great spiral with the Vortex and Vache 2. Very interesting idea!

  8. A lot of lovely stuff. I like the challenge tile with Mooka.

  9. Thanks. I finally understand Mooka and practice it to get better.