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Friday, January 23, 2015

Bijou Fun

Bijou Tiles

Bijou is a little snail (fictional of course) that traveled back from Paris with Rick and Maria. He has delighted in drawing his own tangles in the garden and as a result the perfect 2" tile was born.

I had several little Bijou tiles on my desk that were screaming at me to work with them! Please!

So I did. I tried out a couple of new tangles on them. But they needed more. So I shaded them. Still not working for me.

Light Bulb! Water color pencils! Brilliant!

And this is what I ended up with! 3 little Bijou's all in a row.

3 little Bijou's
I'm off to work on a dollhouse project with a friend this afternoon and club meeting Saturday! Those are on my other blog. Have a great weekend and create something exciting!


  1. Love your Bijou tiles. The addition of color was great.

  2. Thanks. I need to work with Bijou more than I have done in the past.