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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The journey continues...

Way back in 2012 I needed something to do while sitting in a hospital room with a relative. TV was out of the question as I get bored with it. I didn't want to read and be rude so I grabbed a tablet, some colored pens and off we went.

This was before I knew what Zentangle was all about so please keep this in mind.

The reason I bring this up is because I so many people tell me, "I could never draw like that" or "You just have a natural talent for drawing". This list of excuses goes on forever and the party never ends.

Old and new was a recent prompt for my art journal group. What an excellent way to show how far I have come in my drawing journey.

The first page shows a drawing from March 2012. There is no shading, no composition, no weight. I had yet to learn of all this. I had taken the first step, the most important step - I started!
From March 2012

 Since then I have become a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), taught others the Zentangle method, attended several conferences (for lack of better wording where many CZT's gather and learn from each other), and even organized a retreat for CZT's of Texas.

The second page shows how far I have some in my drawing, which is something I do every day.
From February 2017

I hope you will continue in your journey and look back from time to time to see where you started and how far you have come. Only the future knows how far we are yet to go!


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