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Sunday, April 2, 2017

No Excuse!

No Excuse!

I just haven't been working on the blog. End of story.

So I'll try again by showing you some of the things I have been working on.

I love to tangle on shoes. Sometimes I will change the pattern up on each shoe jut for fun. 

Shoes! I've done several pair of shoes and they are all different.

I even have a pair or two for myself. These are all washable.
Letters! I found some wooden letters that stand about 18" tall. After I sand them on both sides, I give them several coats of white or black gesso. Then I tangle away. I can add a touch of color on the sides to go with the room decor and once in a while a little touch of gold really makes the tangles popl

Black ink on a white background. This letter E hangs in my great nephews bedroom.

I sent this as a housewarming gift for a special friend who just build a home.
I am in an art journal group on FaceBook. Just a group of CZT's who put out a new prompt each week and the rest of us run with it. Here are a couple of entries from my 2016 art journal.

Not sure what the prompt was but I like how it came out.

I tried a little negative painting from memory on this one. Next time I will follow the steps

Thats about it for now. I'll be back and share more in a couple of days. Promise!

I'm off to tangle in my journal and end my Sunday quietly.

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