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Monday, April 6, 2015

My Art in a Book!

I was fortunate enough to be one of the artists who participate in the Grumbacher Cross-Country Clearprint Project.

Artists received two - 6"x8" Clearprint Vellum Books. One to keep and the other to create a piece of artwork in and return within 1 week of receiving the book. 

All images are scanned and uploaded to the Clearprint website gallery for all the world to view.

I got my books last Thursday and worked on my entry all weekend. 

I used black pens, 01 and 05 on the front of the page.

I added watercolor pencil to the back side of the paper and a little glitter pen to the front in strategic spots.

I placed this up to the light to let the full effects of the color shine thru the paper. It looks a lot better in real life.
I am adding a small piece to the front cover of the book and then it will go into the mail Tuesday. I can't wait to see it on somebody else's website!

I'm just learned a new technique for lettering so I'm off to the studio to play with my gelsticks, waterbrushes and watercolor pencils.

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