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Friday, January 2, 2015

tangle*a*day calendar

I am an early riser. Just ask anyone who has ever roomed with me. I usually serve them coffee in bed but I digress. Morning is my quiet time to read emails, surf the web, read blogs and journey down rabbit holes. I also look for inspiration for my tangles.

I am now keeping a tangle*a*day calendar. I love this way of expressing myself on a small platform yet will be something to keep forever and pass on to the kids (if they want it). I figure I will be famous after I die and all my artwork will be worth millions! ROFLOL

Anyway here is what I've accomplished so far.

Jan 1
I tried out a tangle that I hadn't done before. Schway. I like this tangle because it made me think about how we look at the past yet look to the future. I like to move forward and grow. Learn how to draw Schway.


Jan 2
This morning I borrowed the leaf idea from Dover Publications. On Fridays they send out a sampler of downloads from several books. This is a free thing on their website that lets you sign up to receive. I looked at the details on one of the pages and saw the leaves. This is what I came up with.

Jan 2 inspiration!

I added shading with the Fabrico grey marker, used my Close to My Heart Watercolour Pencils and the rest is history.

I'm in the studio working on a dollhouse project today but will always find time to tangle, anytime, anywhere, anyhow!

Have a wonderful day and go create something.


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