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Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Night Fast Draw

Today was busy and I was out of the studio most of the day. I watched my great niece and nephew so my niece could sleep before working the night shift. We played with paper dolls with magnetic clothing, played a My Little Pony game, which we won this time, and watched an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse on Netflix. I did manage to tangle a little piece, though.

I love the layered look and how shading adds dimension. This is a little 4" x 2" tangle done in my journal. Someone had done a beautiful tangle using n'zepple in a circular string. I used n'zepple in the 3 middle tangle areas and they all came out unique.

3 n'zepples all in a row!

I am working in my journal while watching a video on YouTube teaching me to draw plants. And I played around with cutting out a snowflake to create a mandala. I also prepared for my class at the Art Center Saturday morning. I have 7 students so far and could have a couple of walk ins. YES!

So back to the video before I turn in for the night. Sweet dreams, y'all!

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