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Monday, January 26, 2015

Busy Weekend

I didn't get to post this weekend. I were busy with my miniature friends on Saturday and Sunday we decided to prune the ugly tangerine tree, the grapefruit tree and the crape Myrtle tree. Then off to the market for steaks, back home to cook them and off to bed since my hubby had to go to work and I had jury duty Monday morning.

While I was at jury duty doing a lot of sitting I completed a tile.

Dragonaire is the star of this design

When I got home I watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey and worked on an oval matboard Zendala. Okay, I also watched Revenge, Resurrection and the British Baking Show. But I was able to finish this Zendala.

This one might have to grow on me.
So that's my quick post for tonight. Now to open the goodies from the glitter swap I participated in.

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