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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Finally, I Am a CZT

I was fortunate to have traveled to Providence, Rhode Island, in October 2014 where I experienced 4 enchanting days of Zentangle at it's finest with 108 like minded students. One the 4th day we received our certification and are now Certified Zentangle Teachers!

Look out world! Here come the graduates of CZT 16. We have been let loose in the world and no piece of paper, dirt floor, sandy beach and other items upon which to draw are safe near us!

As I have tangled on many items in the past I have discovered the world of Zendala! And I love it.

Here are a couple of my first Zendalas.

The Opus tile is a 10" x 10" tile with the same excellent paper qualities of a 3.5" x 3.5" Zentangle tile. I drew my circle by tracing a plate I had in the studio. Next I drew strings. No particular order or design. Just stings. Then I set about drawing different tangles in each segment. I added a little colour with my sepia pen for interest.
10" x 10" Opus tile Zendala

Zentangle makes a lovely frame for this tile. I have the Bijou frame, which I can wear, hang or put on a stand. This larger size can be hung on the wall or in a stand. I feel it would be quite awkward to wear it  though. LOL

My second Zendala turned out well. I decided to cut it out. The Zendala measures 7" x 7" and I had the perfect frame. I placed pop dots behind each point  to raise it up and give it even more depth! I really like this one.

7" x 7" Black and White Zendala. Frame is 9" square.

And my third Zendala has an art deco feel to it. I like the use of white space. I haven't framed this one and would consider selling it if anyone is interested.

Art Deco
7" x 7" point to point. Art Deco influence.

 Well that's it for today. I hope you had a merry Christmas and were able to squeeze in a little tangle time.

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